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New Client Case Study (SaaS)

What really happens when you enage us?

Detailed look at a recent Search Assignment with a brand new client who contacted us through LinkedIn. Including actual dates of the key events


  • You will be introduced to only the top 15% of relevant Software and Technology talent.
  • If we agree to work with each other, you will have our full attention.
  • We provide a 360° view of the candidate(s). You will be exposed to the information relevant to the role(s) that are rarely on the CV. Cultural fit, relocation feasibility, motivation for change etc.
  • We always travel to meet with you. Providing us additional insight into your company and the opportunity. This is crucial in effectively presenting your unique role(s) to the best talent.
  • Consultative. Our long experience and expertise with Software and Technology businesses often enables us to identify issues that need attention. Together we will fix it.
  • Confidential. We appreciate that this can be for a number of reasons and will act accordingly. Read our privacy policy or book a call for further details.
  • Low risk. The people we place don’t just stay, they have tenure beyond Software and Technology industry averages and we have a replacement policy should it be needed.
  • Clarity of purpose. We will create a detailed job specification.
  • Develop behavioural based interview questions specific to the position(s).
  • Post placement support. We are serious about safeguarding your investment with regular candidate reviews.


  • We work in a very targeted and deliberate way within the Software and Technology sectors and we are also very honest and straight forward. If we approach you it’s because we believe you might be a great fit for an active assignment. Simple.
  • We have no need or desire to simply collect CV’s from Software and Technology professionals so it will not be a ‘fishing’ call. Guaranteed.
  • Confidentiality and control. You will never need to worry about your existing employer knowing and even after sending us your CV you remain completely in control of it. Read our privacy policy for more information.
  • Guidance. You will be fully briefed on the role, receive a copy of the detailed job specification and we will meet face to face.
  • Advantage. You will get to leverage our years of experience in the Software and Technology Sectors at every stage of the process - including exit strategy.
  • Post placement support. We are serious about safeguarding your ambitions with regular consultation.