We are an Executive Recruitment and talent consultancy specialising in the Software and Technology sectors. Pathfinder Executive Search has been helping Software and Technology companies including VC backed Start-ups find and secure senior professionals across Europe and North America since 2003. We are based in London.

We are very good at what we do. We treat every search as a fresh slate and with deep client consultation we are ready to repeat previous success in a continuously refreshed execution.

A Search Assignment is a living breathing entity that takes on a life of its own and demands a lot of the people that conduct them. A mass of activity and investment is needed. Hard won experience and years of networking are essential. When this process is respected and a partnership is formed truly great things happen. You literally see amazing possibility delivered before your eyes.

If you recognise the value of this then we look forward to speaking with you and beginning the process of helping you build something special.

“After more than a decade I still feel excited when I speak to brilliantly talented and successful people. Their passion and commitment is infectious. Getting to connect two or more of these special individuals is truly a privilege.

To do these talented people justice we start from scratch, assume nothing and apply relentless methodical pressure to the process and leverage cutting edge technology and all our experience.

The result: A’s get to hire A’s and we get to change careers and see our clients businesses thrive.”

– Bruce Wright, Founder and Managing Director of Pathfinder Executive Search.