The Pathfinder Podcast Is Now On iTunes

I had wanted to create this Podcast for several years.

The problem? No one wants to talk about recruitment!

However, I hear so many interesting things and speak to so many impressive people that somehow I wanted to find a way of sharing these stories.

I have launched the Podcast with 5 Episodes on the Subject of Non-Executive Directorships. The format is simple. A quick introduction and then a straightforward conversation with Real NEDs talking about their NED work. I cover the questions I get asked most often. Simple.



#1. Steve Bennetts – Amazons former FD

#2. Ryan Ward – SAP, Oracle, Adobe and more. Sales leader

#3. Martin Moran – Founder of Salesforce in Europe.

#4. James Davies – Ringside seat for the dot-com boom

#5. Ian Ritchie CBE – 50+ Start-ups and he is the man who turned down Sir Tim Berners-Lee!


1-3 are already live on iTunes

And SoundCloud:

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