How to win like the F1 World Champion – smile!

Our meeting was a funny tale of post GP revelry. The sort of drunken hedonism that is not at all appropriate for a professional website. Or is it?

I have a couple of theories about wildly successful people. One of which was completely counter intuitive to me when I first thought about it some years ago but Nico, demonstrated it perfectly.

It is my mission (and pleasure) to speak to the best people in their fields on a daily basis. Not globally recognised sports stars (sadly!) but the people that really make the world go round – successful business professionals! Specifically in the Tech and Enterprise Software industry.

When I began working with the heavyweights over a decade ago I realised something very important, the ‘scarier’ the title e.g ‘CEO’ or ‘MD Europe’ the less scary the person! The obvious benefit was the more I was dealing with this level of people the better my professional life became.

I guess people don’t become successful by being unpleasant to deal with… why was that ever a surprise? Why is success conflated with ruthlessness and nastiness? Answers in my inbox please! 🙂

So, I come to the 3 main points of this light-hearted piece:

  1. Successful people are way nicer than most people.
  2. After the hard work is done you have some fun! Maybe even a beer and dance on some tables… what? Everyone else was!
  3. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 F1 World champion, Nico Rosberg!

Nico, really was a Gentleman when we met and I will miss him on the grid next year. Lets just hope hope Ferrari and Red Bull can make it a closer, more exciting fight! The less said about McLaren the better….



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About the author

Bruce Wright is the founder and Managing Director of Pathfinder Executive Search Ltd and has over 14 years Recruiting, Staffing and Executive Search experience. Over 12 years of this has been spent in Executive Search. He has been helping top Enterprise Software companies find senior level executives and helping build world class teams across Europe and North America since 2003. Unlike many Executive Search Professionals who claim to work across borders, he really has placed Senior Professionals with Enterprise Software companies in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK and North America. Often working across borders simultaneously for the same client – this generates a synergy that makes for truly outstanding results. He is also a committed endurance athlete who has competed in challenges around the world, including the infamous Marathon des Sables, Zurich Ironman and the magical Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. In addition to UTMB he has twice run 100 miles non-stop.